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Towards the
New European Bauhaus
by advancing the
lifespan of
BIG Systems

BIG4LIFE aims at promoting collaborative strategies for management, maintenance, impact monitoring, and evaluation of Building Integrated Greenery (BIG) systems.

Through eight representative pilot cases, BIG4LIFE will enhance the lifespan of BIG systems by improving their long-term sustainability and the provision of ecosystem services in Mediterranean cities.

and approach

BIG4LIFE project will demonstrate that by applying xeriscaping and networking approaches, supported by the suitable smart solutions, not only the long-term viability of BIG systems is feasible, but also their positive service life, in terms of ecosystem services provided, can be enhanced.


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The PCiTAL green roof refurbished

In April, the improvement work started to repair the green roof of the PCiTAL building in Lleida. After several weeks…

June 20, 2024